The Patent Bay - understanding the common wealth

The Patent BayThe Patent Bay - understanding the common wealth

Economic models based on exclusionary property rights are in their waning moments. With over 50 million patent documents in the world – the vast majority of them expired, abandoned, or useless defensive tools – the academic and econometric communities have been equally unable to substantiate a single empirical argument to maintain the current patent system. Thus, at last, the European Patent Office is publicly talking in terms of Global Patent Warming to describe a sense of crisis, and an urgent need for action. With the present global economic crisis upon us, this call invites society to invest wisely and decisively in sustainable and fair innovation models. This project aims at exactly that.

The Pirate Bay Peers vs. The DRM Patentees

The Patent Bay project is of course referring to The Pirate Bay, but also to their spectacular trial. The Pirate Bay trial, and the wider question of intellectual property's place in a wired world, is not only about controlling content: it's also about controlling innovation.

It is well known restrictive copyright laws can be used to control the pace and nature of innovation. This trial is one of many in a series where it has collided with innovation: Betamax; Napster; Grokster; DeCSS. Regardless of the merits of the case, the Pirate Bay has become a symbol for millions of people for "a place where you look first". I draw from the value of that symbol for that very reason: I want you to see the machinery behind the overreach of intellectual property and point to better one.


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