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Photos by MoustacheMaximus are free for any publication under CC-BY-SA only. For any other publication please mail to Joris.

Photo: MoustacheMaximus

Photos by Håkan Lindgren are free for web publication only. For any other publication please mail to Håkan Lindgren or contact the bureau.

Photo: Håkan Lindgren

Photos by Daniëlle van der Schans are free for web and paper publication on the condition that Daniëlle van der Schans is written next to the pictures.

For publication on paper, please use high resolution of Pointing to Berlaymont (landscape)" and "Pointing to Berlaymont (portrait)".

For other photos, please contact

Photo: Daniëlle van der Schans

Pictures below are for any use under the conditions of your national implementation, or its closest equivalent, of the license cc-by-sa-3.0 (or any later version) only.

Photo: Jurgis Gurstis

Photo: Christian Engström


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