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MEP Max Andersson asks the Commission if it will use #ODF - at least externally... http://t.co/UbLNonmWUO1 vecka 11 tim ago
RT @glynmoody: New MEPs urge building links to #opensource communities - https://t.co/3Zq3oxGlcW hopeful sign, let's hope it happens... — 2 veckor 6 tim ago
RT @dfri_se: Öppet brev till Christian Berg, VD Netclean https://t.co/DHoiCq7bvU4 veckor 48 sek ago
EU #PPPA research applications tabled for #ResetTheNet with #Debian #Parltrack and #Crowdculture http://t.co/XgyFgRXwWb1 month 3 veckor ago
Power To The Parliament! :-) http://t.co/YK806cnOta http://t.co/c59Ce7h8352 months 1 vecka ago