How to organise a queue

ersStandard solution to queuing problems in St Josse, Brussels
To prioritise traffic on the internet can be seen as a way to organise a queue in case there is more demand than the pipes can take. Then obviously, regardless of how cleverly you line people up, you can never come around the basic problem: The reason for the queue is that there is more demand than capacity at a certain moment in time. We experience this when using any public communications method, like taking the bus or the metro. If you are Swedish, you know exactly what a public service queue is if you try to buy wine and beer on a Friday evening, just before Systembolaget closes. It is beyond my understanding why companies would be investing billions of euros in new clever ways to organise their queues rather than just make more capacity available. Yet I hear this is about to happen. So what's in it for these companies? Really? I hope to learn exactly how clever queuing can be profitable if you can freely go to another internet service provider where there are no queues. Maybe that's the trick? To make sure you cannot get a queue-free internet? Who would like see that happen? Any takers?


The technical people who designed the Internet were very strong in their convictions that there would be a lot of benefit to humanity if bandwidth would grow so that it always stayed beyond demand. They understood that by setting the price tag on the bandwidth available to the customer and not on de facto usage demand would grow and would create opportunities for new applications and services.

This made the big telephone companies very angry, because they could no longer base their business models on scarcity. It used to be that they could charge 100 times cost for a phone call. Nowadays they can only charge 3 times cost for the bandwith they provide, because there is real competition in the market. Bandwidth is a commodity. People buy it from the vendor that has adequate quality at the lowest price possible.

Now, if you can differentiate your service, you can target your service at people with special demands, and start charging more. For instance, you can introduce higher rates for contacting sites that are in other operators networks, and you can start charging for traffic instead of bandwidth. This would restore the golden days of enormous profits.

I discussed this with some of the people building the Internet about 10 years ago. They foresaw this fight coming up back then.

We have to realise that neoliberal capitalist society is on its way out. What is needed are visions of a sustainable future and such are not compatible with gobbling globalism. The concept is corrupt and needs to be exchanged for something completely different in which public economy is restored along with fundamental values of democracy and human rights.

What Europe has done now is to back into the future. It won't hold. Mass unemployment and ecological collapse will be the clear evidence of that.

Anyone interested in the technical details can read more here:

And yes, the QoS working group came to the same conclusion as this blog post.

"internet2 QoS Working Group concluded that increasing bandwidth is probably more practical than implementing QoS"

The establishment is not used to user activity. They are used to consumers and audiences, politely listening. There is fright here to be taken into account, often a point that is missed. In the end, it comes down to the question of free speech. It is also about building dependence rather than independence. So what people should do is to take command and create their own internets. Because that is probably the only way to save the net now, legislation being as it is. The Telecoms package killed the net as we know it.
Perhaps it is like changing the Shakespearean Globe theatre into the modern stage theatre with silenced spectators.

That is why I think open source and creative commons are the future. But the reactionaries will first go to war against us all in order to have their doomsday's say. But to follow them in their trail is not the way to go - because it is a dead end alley.

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