Hej Miljöpartiet!

Jag var med i fältbiologerna på gymnasiet och började läsa biologi på universitetet. Sen blev det växelbruk mellan musik och lärarstudier i matte och fysik fram till jag tog min musikerexamen. Kontrabas. Dator har jag haft så länge jag kan minnas att dom fanns, men det var inte förrän jag fick internet som livet förändrades radikalt och jag blev internetaktivist.


Thomas Peterffys iPad från 1983

Den här videon var kul (särskilt efter att ha sett Margin Call!):

The Wall Street Code

En av trejdingpionjärerna, Thomas Peterffy, visar upp sin iPad från 1983 och svarar på en fråga om han patenterade den:

"No, I don't believe in patents. I believe that patents make other people dis-incentivised in coming up with new things."

Hej igen!

Ska jag försöka få igång bloggen. Här behövs storstädas!

Update: En MASSA spamkommentarer borttagna, berätta gärna om du hittar fler så tar jag bort dom som är kvar efterhand.


ACTA - (ever) more questions

Update II: Recordings now on youtube!
Live broadcast finished less than 3 minutes after it started.
Update:There was no live broadcast, no real exchange of views and no real answers to questions. I'd say the meeting was a total failure.


The EU is about to export verbatim copies of IPRED1 articles to a group of countries called the CARIFORUM States (Belize, Jamaica, Haiti, Suriname etc). At the same time, Sweden's largest telecommunication services company TeliaSonera says* the Data Retention Directive overrides IPRED1 since it provides privacy protection for private persons visavis copyright holders.

Does ACTA export IPRED1 (and more...)?

It is now clear that it is not only the EU-Korea deal which is as directive-like and law-like you can get. The same goes for the currently negotiated so called CETA agreement with Canada. It's a directive lookalike. Chunks of EU directive articles are simply copied.

Acta is not a trade agreement

Here is an agreement regulating trade in bananas. It contains tariffs, quotas, tonnage. Now let's look at the EU-Korea "trade agreement". I does not look like a trade agreement. It looks more like a (harmonising) EU-directive. No, it looks exactly like a directive.

Freud is free

Today Sigmund Freud enters the public domain. Communia and the campaign site Public Domain Day is celebrating. I was struck by the expression "Without any need for prior authorization" on the celebration website, and came to think of a similar phrase from a Internet celebration speech by ISOC's Lynn St.

The ACTA gold standard

Etherpad negotiations

A tv-documentary from the Kyoto negotiations yesterday and waking up today thinking about the parliament's way of working in the light of the existence of etherpad, I thought of proposing another way of producing/negotiating documents like resolutions and treaties. 1) all delegations submit their own version 2) all delegations vote on all versions and winner is nominated 3) all delegations gets 50 words and 200 characters to improve the winning text on a public etherpad Wouldn't that be fantastic?


Andersson&Geringer reminds COM it cannot support self- and co- regulatory mechanisms limiting #freedom_of_expression http://t.co/cqTnXzXpNc2 veckor 2 dagar ago
Short presentation of #AT4AM at #WSF2015 in Tunis! :-) http://t.co/3Dz3EwfDdH3 veckor 4 dagar ago
@AKDigiGes the Pilot Project number is 26 03 77 05 and the website is here: https://t.co/F5gx7vzTi4 :-) — 4 veckor 16 tim ago
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@EAXBreakPARTY du menar https://t.co/qmKbzRQAmW , eller hur? :-) — 4 veckor 23 tim ago